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Surving The ‘Cold Dark Evening’ Blues…

Hi All,

How are you? Hope everyone is doing well for the start of a new week…

Does anyone else need a bit of motivation today? I’m feeling the effects of the dark evenings and the cold weather creeping in… I find it so hard to be motivated to do a lot of things in winter, and I just want to curl up on the couch because its dark so early.

These are the few things that I do to keep motivated and keep going when you really don’t want to… whether that be with eating well, the gym, work projects, home projects, blogging, whatever it is that is important to you…

  • Suck it up and just cook… I know sometimes you just want to order something or eat something ridiculous that is tucked away in your fridge but I find in autumn winter I need my proper food and nutrition even more then any other time of year, this is a great way to keep your energy up and stay motivated and cracking on with whatever it is you need to do…
  • Plan plan and plan some more… This time of year I find there is so much going on, for me I’ve been planning and shopping for Christmas… might seem crazy but I’m on a tight budget in general so if I want to buy the gifts I have in mind for the¬† people I love, I have to start early, as well as having money for all the events around Christmas, but planning your food is great to stay motivated and be healthy as well as in a routine which helps me soo much to get everything done that I need to, but planning in all aspects of your life is so helpful especially when the energy is lagging and you want to just forget about whatever you need to do…
  • Take time… although I’m saying keep going when you don’t want to, taking some time for yourself if you’re tired, overwhelmed, frazzled, stressed or a bit run down, just take some time for you, self care is so important… if you take that short time for yourself when you go back to what ever it is you are doing you’ll be in such a better mind frame to tackle it.
  • Balance… we all get caught up in getting things done, focusing on certain things too much, but take a step back and think are you spending too much time on this, I know for me I probably focus a lot on certain things and not enough on others and that hinders you in the long run. Maybe make a list and prioritise what you want to spend your time on…

I have done a blog post before on self care here if you would like to check that out, it might be good if anyone is feeling overwhelmed and not quite on the right track with whatever it is you want to focus on or get done…

Anyone some good tips for staying motivated in the winter time?

Have a great week!

Sinead ūüôā xx

Change is GOOD

Hi all,

love yourself

So I’ve been quiet lately, feeling very uninspired and a little bit unwell, but that’s OK, we all have those times in our lives where we just feel a little shit. For me life has got in the way and I’ve had a lot going on that would evoke negative emotions, so in the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on some stuff and doing a lot of my self care from my previous blog post, and I know what I’ve to do now, I really need to focus on taking care of my diet, for me I find my diet dictates a¬†lot for me, If I can get it back to where I like it I’l be on a better path in general.

So for me, my diet it something I contend with a lot, I’m not particularly big¬†at a UK size 12, but I am short and I am definitely not as healthy as I have been over the years and that is something I am tackling with gusto, I have half-arsed it for the last few months and it shows in my mood, fitness, how i feel in my body and pretty much all aspects of my life.¬†

For me I found the¬†Slimming World diet worked best for me when actually wanting to lose weight, and I did keep a lot of that off, but as I went through the years and learned more about food and nutrition, I adapted slimming world to suit me, I love slimming world and how much fruit and veg you get in your diet, and how you can happily eat carbs, but I do think taking in healthy fats without worrying about Syns etc. is also important… That is just what works for me, I don’t have any qualifications in nutrition, it is just what has worked for me over the years and what I enjoy.

My point of this chit-chatty blog post? I am putting it out in the universe I am making a conscious effort to eat regularly and as healthy as I can and have a healthy and happy attitude towards food and myself and not beat myself up for the bad meals. Self care in a major way for me… it’s more about my mental health and my physical health then image, and I think that’s a really healthy attitude to have!

Expect plenty of recipes and food related posts… but for those of you who don’t care about food or know so much more about it then I do, I’ll still be posting more; beauty, travel and lifestyle blogs over the next while.

For anyone taking on a new challenge or change, I wish you the best of luck with it, it’s all about doing what feels right for you at the right time, and this is my challenge at the moment.

Luck and Love,

Sinead xxx