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Collection V Makeup Revolution

Hi All,

So I’ve been inactive for a while, doing a lot of stuff in my personal life but expect plenty of reviews, food posts, current faves, current routines in the next few months.

Today I am here to talk about 2 very hyped concealers, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer has had a cult following for years and for good reason the coverage is amazing, but the colour selection had a lot to be desired, their previously pales shade 1 Fair was still that little bit too dark for me, I am albino so I’m very pale, but I did then mix that shade with their lilac colour corrector and this worked really well for me and kept the coverage high. They have recently released 2 more shades, the one I got for my skin tone was the ultra Fair shade, this is a hell of a lot better, I can just about wear this without foundation without it being too noticeable, which is a miracle for my skin.IMG_20180311_160433_084

I will be kind of comparing it with the newer Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer, I bought this as soon as it came out and have been trying it so much my tube has run out so you know i’ll have a good idea on this one too.

Collection Lasting Perfection:

So this concealer is one of my favourites, it has been for years, I have redness in the centre of my face and I am prone to break outs and dark circles, this is made more noticeable by my very pale skin…and this concealer covers it all! This lasts all day as well once I set it which I find doesn’t always happens on my skin with a lot of concealers. A tube of this lasts me quite a while as well considering how much I use it, a little goes a long way. The finish on this is quite matte but I definitely set it.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define:

So this one comes in 18 shades so you know that wins out on that side of things, the colour range could still be expanded but they have done an amazing job or such an affordable brand! The current palest shade C1 is a little too dark on me, it appears in swatches to be paler then the collection concealer but it doesn’t go on and set paler. It is important to note Makeup Revolution are bringing out more shades in this soon. The coverage on this is no doubt very good but I’d call it a high medium coverage as apposed to full coverage of collection. I do really like this concealer but it doesn’t last as long on the skin and I definitely run out of product quicker then collection even considering the quantity difference I do use more of this to get the same coverage, so something to consider when purchasing. This also has a matte finish and I set this one as well, I do think its a little more matte then collection which I quite like for concealer.

Collection Lasting Perfection

Price – €5.79. Quantity – 6.5ml.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

Price – €4.98. Quantity 3.4ml.

See below: First pic, top to bottom is Makeup Revolution C1, Collection 0 Extra Fair, 1 Fair… Second pic is about 10 mins later, you can see the all oxidise slightly, and you can see the coverage of the lasting perfection is better here also.


Final Results:

I actually really like both of these for different reasons, If I need the coverage I’d reach for Collection and if I’m not wearing foundation I’d do the same, but can see myself reaching for Makeup Revolution as well, sometimes I don’t like that full coverage, especially with a more glowy look which I think I lean towards a bit more then I used to and the shade range is a winner for me, as someone with albinism who finds shade matching extremely hard and still hasn’t found anything that is 100% there, I understand how frustrating it is to want to buy something but not have a colour to match, so I’m loving the inclusive mind set they are in. But I do think Collection just edges it for me,, more product and I use less and its still affordable… but If i was of deeper skin I’d be raging with brands like this who don’t have near enough shades.


As always questions are very welcome. I hope this has helped a few of you, I know there has been plenty of debate on these two already so thought I’d throw my thoughts in the mix.

Back soon with exctiing things….

Sinead xxx

Maybelline Superstay 24h Matte Ink Lipstick

Hi All,

Back again this Monday with a quick review, I think I’ll make short, precise and honest reviews a thing for Mondays here on IMG_20180112_202819_086

So as you can see from the title its a review on the Maybelline Superstay 24h Matte Ink Lipstick. I was dying to try this its been out for ages, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and they’re bringing out more shades apparently, its 15 Euro here in Ireland so its not exactly cheap but not high end prices either. IMG_20180112_202716_094

I have to say I was very disappointed, I got the colour lover and I absolutely adore the colour I think it would suit so many skin colours but the formula for me was not good. When I first put it on, yes amazing, it was so easy to move around to have it looking flawless, it took a while to dry down which I don’t mind to be honest. It was after it was dry for about a half hour I had the problem it started to break down and gather in the centre of my lips and it was very drying as well. I’ve tried this a number of times and had the same problems. I love some of their colours though so I’m kind of determined to find the right primer or product combo to make it wearable for me.

I know a lot of people love this product so if anyone has any recommendations on making it work let me know. Also I know everyone is different so sometimes things just work better on some people. If it was a bit cheaper I wouldn’t be as disappointed because I’ve tried much cheaper liquid lipsticks that work as well as this or better, but let me know…

Back soon,

Sinead xxx



Sephora – Almond Food Mask

HI All,

So just a really quick review today on the Sephora Almond Food Masks.

I got a couple of these at Christmas and I’d been dying to try them for ages. They are meant to be soothing and relaxing for tired feet and the almond extract is meant to soften rough areas and intensely moisturise your feet.

So basically these masks are a pair of disposable socks that have the cream inside and you secure them around your ankle with a sticky tab. IMG_20180103_203845_904

I have to say I loved the sensation, so cooling and relaxing on your feet, you could feel it beginning to soak in over time and it really relaxed my tired feet. It definitely wouldn’t be amazing for getting rid of sever dry skin but it was brilliant for moisturising and soothing my feet.

I took the socks off and just put clean cotton socks straight on and let any of the excess moisture soak in. I would definitely recommend these for anyone on their feet regularly and I think they’d be great to keep your feet in good condition and they are extremely affordable.

If you’ve any questions please ask.

Back soon,

Sinead xx

NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette – Day 7 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

So here is the last of this mini series on my blog. It is this NYX palette.

This retails for 20 Euro and you get 7 shades, 3 pans are larger, these are all champagne neutral shades and 4 of the more colourful shades are in slightly smaller pans. So this is mid range in price compared to the other 2 larger palettes I’ve talked about during highlighter week.

So I have had this palette for almost a year and it is well used. This and my SOSU palette are the ones I use the most purely for their versatility, the colour selection is great, all shades bar 1 I can get away with even with my albino pale skin. I use the neutral shades on my eyes soo much, they go on amazingly well. I generally apply these to the face with a fan brush, these are fairly intense in regard to glow, so if you like subtle be careful. On the eye use whatever brush you like or your finger works great for a bit more of an intense eye look.IMG_20171008_152054_460

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Reason being I use this a lot for my face and eyes, I love that bar 1 colour they all work for me and that they are so intense with such a small amount of  product, also this lasts really long on the skin. The reason it’s not higher is the packaging isn’t great and it’s just not the best product I’ve used but I do absolutely love it and the price is pretty good!

So this is the end of Highlighter week… saaad! But please come say hi on my Instagram and if you have any requests for upcoming posts or series let me know! Plenty coming soon!!

Sinead xxx

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter – Day 6 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

So I’m back again today with the liquid highlighter drops from Makeup Revolution, I got these in 2 shades, Liquid Champagne, which is exactly what it says a pale champagne shade, and Liquid Starlight, which is a pale pink shade. These are a cheaper version of all the highlighter drops that everyone is cray about.

These retail for just under 9 Euro which is an amazing price. You really only need to use a very small amount of this product will definitely go a long way.IMG_20171015_122749_828

Also with these you can use them in different ways so you can get the most for your money that way. Firstly I sometimes mix one or 2 drops with my foundation, this adds just a slight glow to your entire face and just adds a bit of dimension, it doesn’t seem to affect the coverage or anything in my foundation so I find that brilliant. So if you’re using this just as a highlighter on your cheeks I’d recommend doing it 2 ways and seeing which works best for you, apply your foundation and all cream products, then go in with this highlighter on your cheek bones, I find it best to drop a couple on your face then grab a beauty sponge and bounce it in to the skin, only use a very small bit of product and build it up if you need to, or you can go in with your fingers, it gives you a little more control and won’t soak up any product, and then add your powders on top. For night time I use this liquid highlighter and then add a powder on top for a really intense glow. Also if you forget to do this step before you powder don’ worry too much because although it’s not supposed to work this actually goes on pretty nicely over powders and I know a few people who prefer to apply it over powder as it’s a little more intense that way, so play around, you don’t always have to stick to certain rules, and just see what works for you. IMG_20171015_122630_608

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Reason being it is a great product and very versatile, the reason it’s not a higher rating is because I think for night time you need to add a powder on top for a really intense glow, but that is personal preference, you might love the intensity of this for night time, and also the dropper isn’t brilliant quality so it’s marked down slightly, but it still works really well.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the last day of highlighter week, any questions just ask, and come say Hi on my Instagram.

Back tomorrow,

Sinead xxx

SOSU Highlighter Kit – Day 5 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

Welcome back to day 5. Today we’re going to talk about the SOSU Highlighter Kit, I know I’ve featured this before but as one of my most used palettes I thought I’d have it as part of this week, and to compare to others in this mini series also.IMG_20171008_152326_395

Right, this retails for just under 30 Euro, which is a decent price for 6 shades. You get 6 shades in this palette, for a pale albino like myself, I can use 4 of these directly on my skin without too much colour problems and there are 2 darker shades for a deeper skin tone, which I can use when I fake tan, but I use them a lot on my eyes. I find this palette extremely versatile so for me I think it’s definitely worth the money.

This is best applied with a brush of your preference, depending on where you’re putting each shade will depend on what brush you choose, but I have tried all the shades with various brushes and I’ve never had a problem. I generally use a fan brush on my cheeks, if I use the peach shade I might use an angled cheek brush and use it as a blush topper. And on my eyes I use whatever brush I prefer at the time for whatever look I’m doing, and I’ll spritz my brush for a bit of an intense shimmer, the odd time I’ll do that for my cheeks too.

So I’m going to be honest I was extremely sceptical about this palette…. I got it when it went on pre sale and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised… There is a mixed opinion of Suzanne, but no matter your opinion, nobody can deny she makes very good make up products. I love these powders, they go on the skin so beautifully, they don’t emphasise any dryness or texture, they have quite an intense glow and it even builds amazingly if you wan’t a blinding highlight. IMG_20171008_152408_144

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Reason being, I love it, I reach for it so much and I travel with it… my mirror is smashed as a result but shit happens… The reason it’s not a 10 is the shade range, I’d love a palette that us pale skinned people can use every shade in with no mixing or hesitation etc. but the formula of this is amazing and its quite a versatile palete and I use it all on my eyes as well.

Ok so I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 6. As always any questions let me know, and check out my Instagram for more!!


Sinead xxx


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Pearl – Day 4 Highlighter Week!

Hi All,

So I’m back today with a higher end highlighter, this is the Becca Highlighter in their palest shade Pearl, I do have another shade which is a limited edition shade in Prismatic Amethyst, that one is a pink duo chrome powder, which I’ll refer to a bit as well but I’m going to focus on Pearl, which is a white highlighter and looks very icy.IMG_20171012_151217_695

Ok so lets talk price, it is expensive… here in a Ireland and as well in the UK you can only get this on cult beauty and it retails for about 35 Euro… luckily I got both mine as presents from America. That is fairly expensive for a highlighter, but I’ve had both mine for ages and as you can see in the pictures there is barely a dent in mine.

These are best applied with a brush of your choice, they go on great with a fan or packer brush so it’s just up to you. I use Pearl as an inner corner highlight a lot as well, and I just spritz my brush and dab it on and it stays in place perfectly.

So basically I love this highlighter, pearl is more wearable on a day to day basis but I do use both quite a lot. These are pretty intense with the first application but they build so well. The formula in these is amazing, they seem to just meld into the skin so nicely, they do’t show up any sort of texture or dryness on the skin, which I know is a concern to a lot of people. I know there is a bit of controversy in regard to the formula when you go from shade to shade but these 2 for me are consistent and both are brilliant, I have swatched a few of the others and a couple may feel a tiny bit different but they’re darker shades that I couldn’t wear. They last so well on the skin for me, I never need to touch up, and I never use much product either.IMG_20171012_161257_477

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Reason being, I really don’t have much to complain when it comes to this product, I do thing the price point is a tiny bit high for the product, but it is brilliant. There are so many shades in this highlighter aswell so if anyone is looking to buy it I’d defenitely research what shade is best for your skin type.

Any questions, ask away, or find me on instagram for more!

Back tomorrow,

Sinead xxx




Boohoo Highlgiht Glow Palette – Day 3 Highlighter week!

Hi All,

So day 3 is a newer release, the Boohoo Highlight Glow Palette. It has 3 shades, a white shade which is actually a duo chrome shade. then a pale champagne shade and pink shade. IMG_20171008_151813_106

This palette retails for 8 Euro, but Boohoo always have reductions and promo codes, I got this for 5 Euro in the end. But at 8 Euro for 3 shades is pretty good.

This goes on best with a more dense highlighting brush, and if you want to build it up a bit more then a fan brush on top of that, I have found works nicest for an intense glow.

So… this palette is ok, it really isn’t something I’d reach for regularly. it swatches on the finger really intense, but then when you rub that on your skin it looks very pale and less intense. Each shade does look nice on the skin but you do really need to pack it on or if you wet your brush with some setting pray it goes on very intense and if I layer it it goes extremely glowy. But I don’t really like to work that hard for my highlight especially with a lot of other great affordable products out there as well. IMG_20171008_151855_813

Rating: 5 out of 10.

Reason being for this is as I said above you need to kind of work with this alot for a decent glow, but if you like a very subtle highlight you might like this, but it doesn’t last great on the skin either you need to kind of top it up a few times through out the day which I don’t find practical.

So any questions just ask! And take a look at the last couple days of Highlighter Week!

Back soon with the next highlight product… too many

Sinead xxx


PS So sorry for delay on this post, I must not have scheduled it for the right time!!

Soph X Makeup Revolution highlighter Palette – Day 2 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

Welcome to day 2, if you haven’t seen yesterday scroll on down and have a look.

Today we are going to talk about the Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette, if you don’t know who Soph is she is a Youtuber, Sophdoesnails, I have followed her since her channel was VERY small but she has now nearly 500K subscribers which is amazing!IMG_20171008_152254_092

So this gorgeous palette that has 8 shades and they range from pale to medium skin shades, so a lot of them work on my skin tone which is very very fair. There are 5 baked highlight shades and 3 normal powders, the baked highlighter shades definitely pack more of a punch in regard to glow, I like that there is a mix, because you can use the non baked for day time, but they are buildable to be a blinding highlight as well,

So this palette retails for 10 Euro!!! I think that is brilliant, that is 1 Euro and 25 Cent per highlighter, which is great value, plus they last really well on the skin and you don’t have to use much product even if you want a blinding glow so that’s brilliant.

IMG_20171008_152204_809So I’ve a few thoughts on this, the shade range is brilliant but the two lightest shades aren’t baked highlighters and I would have loved if one of them was baked, for me being so fair and the baked ones being quite a bit more metallic or wet looking on the skin would have just been good for super quick makeup and using less product to build. Buuut I do love the pale lilac and pink shades, a lot of people find these scary because they think it’s going to come out a bright colour on the skin but if you’re in any way fair or pale-ish the likes of these colours work really well as an icy looking highlight and there is no real purple or pink tinge to the skin. Also the darker shades are gorgeous too and I can kind of get away with them when I’m pale, but if I have a bit of fake tan on they’re gorgeous, but I’ve also been using them on my eyes and they are amazing, so play around with them and see what works for you, and for that price you may as well give it a go.

I have found all of these apply best with a brush, both a fan brush or more dense brush work really well for the face, and any of your favourite eye shadow brushes work on the eyes, and for a bit of a more intense look use your finger to pack a bit on to the eyelid or cupids bow.

Rating: 8 out of 10. 

Reasons for this is kind of what I have said above, I’d have preferred a baked highlighter for 1 of the 2 lightest shades. but overall I can’t complain much, it lasts pretty well on the skin and its quite a versatile palette.

So again I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 3 of highlighter week, as always any questions are welcome and check out my Instagram for more!

Back soon.

Sinead xxx


Benefit Dandelion Twinkle – Day 1 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

Welcome to Day 1 of highlighter week here on my blog!

Today I am going to be talking about Dandelion Twinkle from Benefit, this is marketed as a highlighting powder, for a delicate glow, which leads us to believe it is more subtle. It is a pale pink/nude colour which would be good for a lot of skin tones, and on my Albino skin it is light enough which is great.IMG_20171008_152015_528

This retails for 34 EURO!!! That is expensive,but if you have ever used any of the box blushers from benefit or their famous Hoola bronzer then you know they last a pretty long time, so its a relatively good price.

So I’ve a few thoughts on this, I will start to say I actually love this, and I was so Sceptical at first because when I swatched it, it was so subtle… Not usually what I like to be honest. So the first couple of uses I was just using it like a normal highlighter with a fan brush on the tops of the cheek bones etc. and I wasn’t impressed… then I kind of realised there is a slight film type layer on top of the highlighter and once that was removed it was a much more highlighted effect, less subtle, but you can still make it look subtle if you want it like that. it is definitely buildable.

IMG_20171008_151939_669So if you want this as a more intense highlighter, I use a fan brush, and layer it until I’ve reached my desired glow, but if you’re looking for that wet/metalic look, it will be hard with this highlighter, but it looks amazing on the skin, it is not chunky at all,  it’s more natural but it definitely packs a punch if layered. Now sometimes I will get a fluffy powder brush and over a very matte and flat foundation I will dust this over my face and it is beautiful, also if you want this just on a super natural day as a highlighter just use the same fluffy type brush but localise it to the high points of your face, so it is quite versatile.

Rating: 8 our of 10.

Reason for this rating is I wouldn’t use this for night time, it’s not quite buildable enough for an intense glow to go with a stronger contour and eye look, that’s just for me personally.

I will be back tomorrow with Day 2 of Highlighter week. If you have any more questions about this or anything else, comment below or find my on my Instagram 🙂