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Important Issue!

Hi All,

So a little bit of a different post from me today, some of you may know I have a condition called Albinism, so pale skin, white hair, red eyes, extremely low vision etc. I have experienced prejudice and discrimination and frankly vile treatment at different times of my life, I wrote an article about my recent experiences last year for the it reached nearly 75,000 people and then I was on the Ryan Tubridy Radio show and reached thousands more and I then continued to be treated even worse in my search for work and in every day life.

Please just give it a read, my previous article is linked at the end of this one and I have linked the audio of my interview too, the radio interview kind of clears up a lot of questions. But please read this and pass it on to whomever you can, it is a massive problem in Ireland with the unemployment rate for people with disabilities at a staggering 83%

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them in the next few days but please remember this is a very sensitive topic and a very personal one for me, each person with albinism is different so my experience is only my own.

Click here for my article! πŸ™‚

Click here for radio interview πŸ™‚


Thank you so so so much.



Maybelline Superstay 24h Matte Ink Lipstick

Hi All,

Back again this Monday with a quick review, I think I’ll make short, precise and honest reviews a thing for Mondays here on shinnymc.comΒ IMG_20180112_202819_086

So as you can see from the title its a review on the Maybelline Superstay 24h Matte Ink Lipstick. I was dying to try this its been out for ages, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and they’re bringing out more shades apparently, its 15 Euro here in Ireland so its not exactly cheap but not high end prices either.Β IMG_20180112_202716_094

I have to say I was very disappointed, I got the colour lover and I absolutely adore the colour I think it would suit so many skin colours but the formula for me was not good. When I first put it on, yes amazing, it was so easy to move around to have it looking flawless, it took a while to dry down which I don’t mind to be honest. It was after it was dry for about a half hour I had the problem it started to break down and gather in the centre of my lips and it was very drying as well. I’ve tried this a number of times and had the same problems. I love some of their colours though so I’m kind of determined to find the right primer or product combo to make it wearable for me.

I know a lot of people love this product so if anyone has any recommendations on making it work let me know. Also I know everyone is different so sometimes things just work better on some people. If it was a bit cheaper I wouldn’t be as disappointed because I’ve tried much cheaper liquid lipsticks that work as well as this or better, but let me know…

Back soon,

Sinead xxx



Sephora – Almond Food Mask

HI All,

So just a really quick review today on the Sephora Almond Food Masks.

I got a couple of these at Christmas and I’d been dying to try them for ages. They are meant to be soothing and relaxing for tired feet and the almond extract is meant to soften rough areas and intensely moisturise your feet.

So basically these masks are a pair of disposable socks that have the cream inside and you secure them around your ankle with a sticky tab.Β IMG_20180103_203845_904

I have to say I loved the sensation, so cooling and relaxing on your feet, you could feel it beginning to soak in over time and it really relaxed my tired feet. It definitely wouldn’t be amazing for getting rid of sever dry skin but it was brilliant for moisturising and soothing my feet.

I took the socks off and just put clean cotton socks straight on and let any of the excess moisture soak in. I would definitely recommend these for anyone on their feet regularly and I think they’d be great to keep your feet in good condition and they are extremely affordable.

If you’ve any questions please ask.

Back soon,

Sinead xx

Welcome 2018

Hi All,

Happy New Year to you!

So a new year is always a fresh start, forget about the bad and focus on the positives and what amazing things you want to achieve in the year ahead.

For me 2017 had some amazing highs, but on a whole I had an extremely tough year, I am lucky to have an amazing support system so I have always got through things with a smile on my face.

For me 2018 is to continue on and fight for the things that didn’t work out last year, I could’t possibly do more to achieve what I want, so I simply have to do the same and keep going even when it’s hard.

I think this year I really want to cook more, I always cook from scratch and I enjoy it but sometimes you just don’t know what to cook, you get into a food rut, so this year I want to be a bit more adventurous with my cooking, along with that I want to try and be a bit healthier, I’m not going to make any ridiculous weight and health goal that I will fail with by tomorrow, but in general this year I’d like to be healthier.

If you’ve been with me from the start of my blog you know I’m passionate about positive mental health and minding yourself, so this year I want to make sure I’m doing my self care, click here if you want to know some of my tips for self care, and I want to keep up with my happiness journal, click here to read about doing this in a really simple and inexpensive way. This is super important to me this year.Β IMG_20180101_140606_747

As you can tell I’m not one for crazy new years resolutions and whether you’re like me or you have a concise list you work your way through each year, just do you, be as positive and kind to yourself and others as you can be, try push yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then and just enjoy the good times, and survive the bad times, and know that it always gets better.

I hope you all have an amazing 2018, you achieve everything you want this year and above all else be happy.

I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from today onward, so I look forward to interacting with you all this year.


Sinead xxx

Quick Festive Breakfast

Hi All,

So back today with a bit of a different post from anything I’ve posted recently. The last few weeks have been so cold and I know when I’m frozen in the mornings all I want is something warm so I generally go for Porridge/Oatmeal, it’s still a healthy breakfast but maybe a tad more indulgent then your regular porridge recipe, but it is Christmas afterall so it’s ok…

Ingredients – 1 Portion

  • 30g Porridge
  • 250ml Fat Free Milk – quantity depends on how thick you like your porridge so use as much as you need and I just like my porridge with non fat milk, if you want to use low fat, full fat, amond milk, water or whatever you prefer go ahead.
  • Sprinkle of Cinnamon
  • 5-10 pecans
  • 1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
  • Fruit/Berries of choice


So I place the Oats and milk into a small pot and put it on a medium to high heat, I find this the quickest and best way to cook porridge. When it starts to heat up I continuously stir, when it is hot enough and has reached the consistency you like take it off the heat and mix in the maple syrup and sprinkle of cinnamon until it is all combined nicely. Then crush up your pecans and sprinkle on top and mix through. Also add whatever fruit, berries or seeds that you like in your porridge if you want to bulk it out, but this on its own is SOO delicious and has that indulgent festive feel without being redicuously bad for you.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything similar that I would maybe like, I hope some of you give this a try and tell me.

Back soon,

Sinead xx

Festive Cosy Night In Essentials

Hi All,

So with 1 week until Christmas and the weather here in Ireland being absolutely baltic the last week or so, cosy nights in are the perfect way to spend any evening.

IMG_20171218_113649_8191: PJ’s – First things first, you need super comfy PJ’s, I buy one or 2 pairs of these check flannel style PJ’s from Penneys/Primark over November and December so I have a clean pair at all times, they’re just my favourite so I wear them to death, and these little slippers in the picture are super cheap and I just buy a pair every now and then.

2: A Christmas Movie – So this is 100% your own choice in what movie you just love at Christmas time, 2 of my all time favourites are The Holiday… who doesn’t like The Holiday? it is a super cosy, comforting movie. Another one of my favourites is The Grinch, I just absolutely love this it reminds me of being younger, I still find it hilairous and its just comforting and happy. But I love so may more, Love Actually, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Cluase and sooo many more! I just love all Christmas movies to be honest, so just throw on your IMG_20171212_133120_935favourite!

3: Drinks and Snacks – So if I want to be warm, Ill make a normal tea with a drop of milk, or a lemon and ginger tea, or I might have a hot chocolate, which I have a recipe for coming soon. Or I might have a glass or wine or Prosecco depending on how I’ feeling and who’s with me. Its totally up to you. As for snacks, it will always depend on your mood, but I would assume everyone buys certain things around Christmas time so whatever you have in and fancy is perfect.Β IMG_20171212_133342_387

4: Candles – I don’t really ever not have cancdles burning so itwould come as no suprise that a cosy night in means candles. Yankee’s Red Apple Wreath just is nostalgic for me for Christmas so I always have one of these for Christmas time, it smells amazing, the other 2 that I’ve been obsessed with this year and last year are Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside and Frosted Cranberry, they smell amazing and create a nice festive mood.Β IMG_20171218_121142_040

5: Present Wrapping – Ok so maybe this isn’t for everyone but I always wrap my presents when I’m having a cosy festive night, I always have a festive movie on, or maybe some Christmas music, click here for my post on my best Christmas songs. But I usually throw on a movie or music and sit on the flour in my PJ’s and wrap a few presents, this might be particularly useful for people who don’t like wrapping, I actually enjoy it, I find it relaxing.IMG_20171212_132655_076

So they’re my 5 things for a cosy night in, what is your must have for a night in at this time of year?

I’m going to have a post a day until Christmas Day, so stay tuned for all the festivities!


Back soon,

Sinead xxx


10 Best Christmas Songs

Hi All,

So we’re a few days into December now, so I thought I’d give you a simple little post on a few Christmas songs that really make me feel festive and give you that happy Christmas feeling!!! I have so many that I love but I thought I’d bring it down to 10 that make me feel super festive or that bring back great memories… and they are in no particular order because I couldn’t possible narrow that down….

1: All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

2: The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

3: Winter Wonder Land – Tony Bennett

4: Last Christmas – Wham

5: Fairytale Of New York – The Pogues and Kirsty Mac Coll

6: White Christmas – Bing Crosby

7: Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea

8: Rockin Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

9: Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens

10: Jingle Bells – Michael Buble

Ok so there is 10 of my faves but there are so many more, for instance Michael Buble’s Christmas album is brilliant, and there are so many more classics… And the ones we sang as kids like Frosty The Snowman… Oh and I love the Snowman song Walking In the Air, but these 10 are probably what gets me in that festive mood the most!!

Whats your number 1 Christmas song?

Plenty more festive posts coming soon, hope you all have a great week!!


Sinead xxx




Surving The ‘Cold Dark Evening’ Blues…

Hi All,

How are you? Hope everyone is doing well for the start of a new week…

Does anyone else need a bit of motivation today? I’m feeling the effects of the dark evenings and the cold weather creeping in… I find it so hard to be motivated to do a lot of things in winter, and I just want to curl up on the couch because its dark so early.

These are the few things that I do to keep motivated and keep going when you really don’t want to… whether that be with eating well, the gym, work projects, home projects, blogging, whatever it is that is important to you…

  • Suck it up and just cook… I know sometimes you just want to order something or eat something ridiculous that is tucked away in your fridge but I find in autumn winter I need my proper food and nutrition even more then any other time of year, this is a great way to keep your energy up and stay motivated and cracking on with whatever it is you need to do…
  • Plan plan and plan some more… This time of year I find there is so much going on, for me I’ve been planning and shopping for Christmas… might seem crazy but I’m on a tight budget in general so if I want to buy the gifts I have in mind for theΒ  people I love, I have to start early, as well as having money for all the events around Christmas, but planning your food is great to stay motivated and be healthy as well as in a routine which helps me soo much to get everything done that I need to, but planning in all aspects of your life is so helpful especially when the energy is lagging and you want to just forget about whatever you need to do…
  • Take time… although I’m saying keep going when you don’t want to, taking some time for yourself if you’re tired, overwhelmed, frazzled, stressed or a bit run down, just take some time for you, self care is so important… if you take that short time for yourself when you go back to what ever it is you are doing you’ll be in such a better mind frame to tackle it.
  • Balance… we all get caught up in getting things done, focusing on certain things too much, but take a step back and think are you spending too much time on this, I know for me I probably focus a lot on certain things and not enough on others and that hinders you in the long run. Maybe make a list and prioritise what you want to spend your time on…

I have done a blog post before on self care here if you would like to check that out, it might be good if anyone is feeling overwhelmed and not quite on the right track with whatever it is you want to focus on or get done…

Anyone some good tips for staying motivated in the winter time?

Have a great week!

Sinead πŸ™‚ xx

NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette – Day 7 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

So here is the last of this mini series on my blog. It is this NYX palette.

This retails for 20 Euro and you get 7 shades, 3 pans are larger, these are all champagne neutral shades and 4 of the more colourful shades are in slightly smaller pans. So this is mid range in price compared to the other 2 larger palettes I’ve talked about during highlighter week.

So I have had this palette for almost a year and it is well used. This and my SOSU palette are the ones I use the most purely for their versatility, the colour selection is great, all shades bar 1 I can get away with even with my albino pale skin. I use the neutral shades on my eyes soo much, they go on amazingly well. I generally apply these to the face with a fan brush, these are fairly intense in regard to glow, so if you like subtle be careful. On the eye use whatever brush you like or your finger works great for a bit more of an intense eye look.IMG_20171008_152054_460

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Reason being I use this a lot for my face and eyes, I love that bar 1 colour they all work for me and that they are so intense with such a small amount ofΒ  product, also this lasts really long on the skin. The reason it’s not higher is the packaging isn’t great and it’s just not the best product I’ve used but I do absolutely love it and the price is pretty good!

So this is the end of Highlighter week… saaad! But please come say hi on my Instagram and if you have any requests for upcoming posts or series let me know! Plenty coming soon!!

Sinead xxx

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter – Day 6 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

So I’m back again today with the liquid highlighter drops from Makeup Revolution, I got these in 2 shades, Liquid Champagne, which is exactly what it says a pale champagne shade, and Liquid Starlight, which is a pale pink shade. These are a cheaper version of all the highlighter drops that everyone is cray about.

These retail for just under 9 Euro which is an amazing price. You really only need to use a very small amount of this product will definitely go a long way.IMG_20171015_122749_828

Also with these you can use them in different ways so you can get the most for your money that way. Firstly I sometimes mix one or 2 drops with my foundation, this adds just a slight glow to your entire face and just adds a bit of dimension, it doesn’t seem to affect the coverage or anything in my foundation so I find that brilliant. So if you’re using this just as a highlighter on your cheeks I’d recommend doing it 2 ways and seeing which works best for you, apply your foundation and all cream products, then go in with this highlighter on your cheek bones, I find it best to drop a couple on your face then grab a beauty sponge and bounce it in to the skin, only use a very small bit of product and build it up if you need to, or you can go in with your fingers, it gives you a little more control and won’t soak up any product, and then add your powders on top. For night time I use this liquid highlighter and then add a powder on top for a really intense glow. Also if you forget to do this step before you powder don’ worry too much because although it’s not supposed to work this actually goes on pretty nicely over powders and I know a few people who prefer to apply it over powder as it’s a little more intense that way, so play around, you don’t always have to stick to certain rules, and just see what works for you.Β IMG_20171015_122630_608

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Reason being it is a great product and very versatile, the reason it’s not a higher rating is because I think for night time you need to add a powder on top for a really intense glow, but that is personal preference, you might love the intensity of this for night time, and also the dropper isn’t brilliant quality so it’s marked down slightly, but it still works really well.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the last day of highlighter week, any questions just ask, and come say Hi on my Instagram.

Back tomorrow,

Sinead xxx