Important Issue!

Hi All,

So a little bit of a different post from me today, some of you may know I have a condition called Albinism, so pale skin, white hair, red eyes, extremely low vision etc. I have experienced prejudice and discrimination and frankly vile treatment at different times of my life, I wrote an article about my recent experiences last year for the it reached nearly 75,000 people and then I was on the Ryan Tubridy Radio show and reached thousands more and I then continued to be treated even worse in my search for work and in every day life.

Please just give it a read, my previous article is linked at the end of this one and I have linked the audio of my interview too, the radio interview kind of clears up a lot of questions. But please read this and pass it on to whomever you can, it is a massive problem in Ireland with the unemployment rate for people with disabilities at a staggering 83%

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them in the next few days but please remember this is a very sensitive topic and a very personal one for me, each person with albinism is different so my experience is only my own.

Click here for my article! 🙂

Click here for radio interview 🙂


Thank you so so so much.



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