SOSU Highlighter Kit – Day 5 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

Welcome back to day 5. Today we’re going to talk about the SOSU Highlighter Kit, I know I’ve featured this before but as one of my most used palettes I thought I’d have it as part of this week, and to compare to others in this mini series also.IMG_20171008_152326_395

Right, this retails for just under 30 Euro, which is a decent price for 6 shades. You get 6 shades in this palette, for a pale albino like myself, I can use 4 of these directly on my skin without too much colour problems and there are 2 darker shades for a deeper skin tone, which I can use when I fake tan, but I use them a lot on my eyes. I find this palette extremely versatile so for me I think it’s definitely worth the money.

This is best applied with a brush of your preference, depending on where you’re putting each shade will depend on what brush you choose, but I have tried all the shades with various brushes and I’ve never had a problem. I generally use a fan brush on my cheeks, if I use the peach shade I might use an angled cheek brush and use it as a blush topper. And on my eyes I use whatever brush I prefer at the time for whatever look I’m doing, and I’ll spritz my brush for a bit of an intense shimmer, the odd time I’ll do that for my cheeks too.

So I’m going to be honest I was extremely sceptical about this palette…. I got it when it went on pre sale and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised… There is a mixed opinion of Suzanne, but no matter your opinion, nobody can deny she makes very good make up products. I love these powders, they go on the skin so beautifully, they don’t emphasise any dryness or texture, they have quite an intense glow and it even builds amazingly if you wan’t a blinding highlight.Β IMG_20171008_152408_144

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Reason being, I love it, I reach for it so much and I travel with it… my mirror is smashed as a result but shit happens… The reason it’s not a 10 is the shade range, I’d love a palette that us pale skinned people can use every shade in with no mixing or hesitation etc. but the formula of this is amazing and its quite a versatile palete and I use it all on my eyes as well.

Ok so I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 6. As always any questions let me know, and check out my Instagram for more!!


Sinead xxx



  1. I really like the set up of your review, I am going to look into buying this product soon! Also, I really like the aesthetic of the photos you chose! If you’d like, follow my blog @ :))

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    1. Thanks Hannah! This palette is definitely a safe buy. I’ll definitely go have a look at your blog πŸ™‚ x

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  2. Never heard about this highlighter palette, but it looks so stunning! 😍

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    1. Its really gorgeous, her eye shadow and contour palette are also brilliant!


  3. I’ve admired this a few times. I’m just reluctant to give sosu my money! I always feel like these are private labelled and the an extra percentage is tacked on for the “celebrity ” name. I feel the same way about the Jaclyn hill’s etc.

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    1. It does look very pretty though and you did a great review of it πŸ‘

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      1. awh thank you! It honest is one of my faves, I defo wouldn’t big it up otherwise ya know! but I reach for it constantly!

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      2. I swatched it in store and to be fair it swatched beautifully

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    2. OH i know I totally understand you! Im so reluctant too, I’m glad I got this one tho, her products are always really good quality which kind of shocks me…

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