Boohoo Highlgiht Glow Palette – Day 3 Highlighter week!

Hi All,

So day 3 is a newer release, the Boohoo Highlight Glow Palette. It has 3 shades, a white shade which is actually a duo chrome shade. then a pale champagne shade and pink shade. IMG_20171008_151813_106

This palette retails for 8 Euro, but Boohoo always have reductions and promo codes, I got this for 5 Euro in the end. But at 8 Euro for 3 shades is pretty good.

This goes on best with a more dense highlighting brush, and if you want to build it up a bit more then a fan brush on top of that, I have found works nicest for an intense glow.

So… this palette is ok, it really isn’t something I’d reach for regularly. it swatches on the finger really intense, but then when you rub that on your skin it looks very pale and less intense. Each shade does look nice on the skin but you do really need to pack it on or if you wet your brush with some setting pray it goes on very intense and if I layer it it goes extremely glowy. But I don’t really like to work that hard for my highlight especially with a lot of other great affordable products out there as well. IMG_20171008_151855_813

Rating: 5 out of 10.

Reason being for this is as I said above you need to kind of work with this alot for a decent glow, but if you like a very subtle highlight you might like this, but it doesn’t last great on the skin either you need to kind of top it up a few times through out the day which I don’t find practical.

So any questions just ask! And take a look at the last couple days of Highlighter Week!

Back soon with the next highlight product… too many

Sinead xxx


PS So sorry for delay on this post, I must not have scheduled it for the right time!!


  1. Huh. Didn’t even know that Boohoo did their own make up range!


    1. Yeah, it launched only a couple weeks ago! I thought it looked great, and seen Sophie Louise on youtube review it, and highlighter looked promising, but kind of only for very subtle days if you only have it on for a bit, it does layer well though!

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      1. Good to know, have you tried anything by them?


      2. I didn’t get anything else no, just because nothing else took my fancy, stuff looks nice but I’d be buying it for the sake of it you know!

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      3. Oh believe me, I know!

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