Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Pearl – Day 4 Highlighter Week!

Hi All,

So I’m back today with a higher end highlighter, this is the Becca Highlighter in their palest shade Pearl, I do have another shade which is a limited edition shade in Prismatic Amethyst, that one is a pink duo chrome powder, which I’ll refer to a bit as well but I’m going to focus on Pearl, which is a white highlighter and looks very icy.IMG_20171012_151217_695

Ok so lets talk price, it is expensive… here in a Ireland and as well in the UK you can only get this on cult beauty and it retails for about 35 Euro… luckily I got both mine as presents from America. That is fairly expensive for a highlighter, but I’ve had both mine for ages and as you can see in the pictures there is barely a dent in mine.

These are best applied with a brush of your choice, they go on great with a fan or packer brush so it’s just up to you. I use Pearl as an inner corner highlight a lot as well, and I just spritz my brush and dab it on and it stays in place perfectly.

So basically I love this highlighter, pearl is more wearable on a day to day basis but I do use both quite a lot. These are pretty intense with the first application but they build so well. The formula in these is amazing, they seem to just meld into the skin so nicely, they do’t show up any sort of texture or dryness on the skin, which I know is a concern to a lot of people. I know there is a bit of controversy in regard to the formula when you go from shade to shade but these 2 for me are consistent and both are brilliant, I have swatched a few of the others and a couple may feel a tiny bit different but they’re darker shades that I couldn’t wear. They last so well on the skin for me, I never need to touch up, and I never use much product either.IMG_20171012_161257_477

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Reason being, I really don’t have much to complain when it comes to this product, I do thing the price point is a tiny bit high for the product, but it is brilliant. There are so many shades in this highlighter aswell so if anyone is looking to buy it I’d defenitely research what shade is best for your skin type.

Any questions, ask away, or find me on instagram for more!

Back tomorrow,

Sinead xxx




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