Benefit Dandelion Twinkle – Day 1 Highlighter Week

Hi All,

Welcome to Day 1 of highlighter week here on my blog!

Today I am going to be talking about Dandelion Twinkle from Benefit, this is marketed as a highlighting powder, for a delicate glow, which leads us to believe it is more subtle. It is a pale pink/nude colour which would be good for a lot of skin tones, and on my Albino skin it is light enough which is great.IMG_20171008_152015_528

This retails for 34 EURO!!! That is expensive,but if you have ever used any of the box blushers from benefit or their famous Hoola bronzer then you know they last a pretty long time, so its a relatively good price.

So I’ve a few thoughts on this, I will start to say I actually love this, and I was so Sceptical at first because when I swatched it, it was so subtle… Not usually what I like to be honest. So the first couple of uses I was just using it like a normal highlighter with a fan brush on the tops of the cheek bones etc. and I wasn’t impressed… then I kind of realised there is a slight film type layer on top of the highlighter and once that was removed it was a much more highlighted effect, less subtle, but you can still make it look subtle if you want it like that. it is definitely buildable.

IMG_20171008_151939_669So if you want this as a more intense highlighter, I use a fan brush, and layer it until I’ve reached my desired glow, but if you’re looking for that wet/metalic look, it will be hard with this highlighter, but it looks amazing on the skin, it is not chunky at all,  it’s more natural but it definitely packs a punch if layered. Now sometimes I will get a fluffy powder brush and over a very matte and flat foundation I will dust this over my face and it is beautiful, also if you want this just on a super natural day as a highlighter just use the same fluffy type brush but localise it to the high points of your face, so it is quite versatile.

Rating: 8 our of 10.

Reason for this rating is I wouldn’t use this for night time, it’s not quite buildable enough for an intense glow to go with a stronger contour and eye look, that’s just for me personally.

I will be back tomorrow with Day 2 of Highlighter week. If you have any more questions about this or anything else, comment below or find my on my Instagram 🙂





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