Little Update + Next week is exciting!

Hi All,

So I have clearly been very quiet on here for the last few weeks, and I have been a little quiet on my Instagram as well.

What have I been doing?… Well I’ve been moving, I haven’t moved very far but I have moved in with my boyfriend into a small space, so we have been painting, putting together furniture, decorating and getting settled for the last few weeks so my blog has had to take a back seat. But I am settled in now and loving it. It is nice and cosy and really great to have our own space.

There is an exciting week ahead on my blog though… from Monday the 9th of October for a full week, I am going to have a new highlighter review for every day!!! I am doing review on high end, on drugstore, subtle, blinding, powder, liquid. It is going to be so fun I love highlighter, after lipstick it is my favourite make up item. All of my reviews will be highlighters I’ve tried and used a lot so that I can give you a great insight on what you may want to buy… and it’s not TOO far from Xmas, maybe they can go on your Xmas list, for your or a friend πŸ™‚

I hope you’re all looking forward to it and as always if you want anything reviewed or have any questions ask away. Also find my on Instagram, which is below, for a quicker response and even more posts.

Happy Weekend everyone.

Back on Monday πŸ™‚

Sinead xxxx


  1. Ooooh I look forward to the sparkling reviews! ✨

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    1. hehe love the word play!! πŸ™‚ x

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