SOSU by Suzanne Jackson – Hot Fire Palette – Brand New

Hi All,

So I got my hands on the first presale of the SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Hot Fire Eye Shadow Palette and it arrived at lunch time today! They are actually only having the launch party tonight and it isn’t in stores yet so I wanted to get this up as soon as possible. This is a First Impressions look at the palette and how it preforms for me on the eyes. IMG_20170823_175332_544

As we can see from the pictures here it is BEAUTIFUL, it is a warm toned palette and you can see from the varying shades you can do a simple day look or a super smokey night time look as well, I definitely think it’ll be a very versatile palette for me.

So I’ve played around with this and done two eye looks this afternoon and I have to say I actually love it, I thought after swatching a couple of shades that there would be a lot of fall out and it wouldn’t be very blendable but it really is. The matte shades blend so well and they are SUPER pigmented, then there are shimmery shades that are so gorgeous on the lid, they, as many other shadows go on a bit better with your finger or wetting a brush slightly, just for the shimmer to POP. And some of the shades have a slight sheen so they’re really nice to make a look have a little more depth, especially for day time.IMG_20170823_175124_641

This retails for just under 30 Euro for 12 shadows, so it is great value. I will be going more in depth on this in a later blog post but for the moment my first impression is… Go buy it immediately!

Back soon, and as always questions and suggestions are welcome!

Sinead 🙂 xx



  1. Great review. I’m just not sure if I need another warm toned palette! All though it does look a little different from others on the market, I’ll have to swatch it first and then make my decision 😀

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    1. I know I was so unsure aswell and kind of bought it on impulse! but I like the variety, I’m finding my naked heat which I’ve been using a good bit recently hasn’t enough neutrals for what I like, but this does!!

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      1. I think that’s the thing, it doesn’t seem to be strictly warm toned which is the thing intriguing

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