The Ordinary Foundation

Hi All,

So we all know The Ordinary skincare has been all over social media in the last few months or so, and for good reason, I did a review on a couple products click here if you want to check it out. So when their foundation dropped a while ago I knew I wanted to try it. It was hard to get my hands on but I eventually found it, I got both formulas and tried them out for the last month or so.IMG_20170820_222907_837

Serum Foundation:

So me having Albinism I opted for the palest shade 1.0N. The serum foundation is marketed as a medium coverage light-weight foundation. I have to say I thought the colour would be perfect when I got it and swatched it, Also this formula of this one is really watery, I heard it splash around as soon as I picked up the bottle. For me personally I like a more full coverage foundation so I was kind of just trying this to see how it preformed and hoping it might be good for a “no makeup” day. After trying this a number of times my original thoughts about this were pretty spot on, the coverage is not enough for my personal preference but I did like it, if you have clear skin and just want something to balance your skin out then this would be brilliant, it went on really well, I did think a brush worked a little better and then I just finished it with a damp sponge so it looked as smooth as possible, that worked really well. The problem with this for me was it oxidised, It looked gorgeous going on and for a about a half hour after but then it probably got 1 to 2 shades darker, so for me this isn’t ideal but knowing this now I could definitely make it work. If you’re in any way oily I’d recommenced a good oil control primer because it won’t last a full day without it, but once I had a decent primer on it was a lot better and then spritz on a bit of oil control setting spray and you’re all set.IMG_20170820_223006_612

Coverage Foundation:

So this I was more excited about, I got the same shade in this 1.0N but I found when I swatched this one it was a tiny fraction paler, which I’m fine with, being so pale and all. This is marketed as a full coverage foundation without the heavy makeup look which in theory sounds amazing. This formula is thicker in consistency then the serum foundation which I prefer. I’ve tried this quite a bit in the last while, I found it goes on best with a brush and then finishing it with a damp sponge, like the serum foundation. Unfortunately I was disappointed with this foundation, the coverage is of course better then the serum foundation, but it is definitely not a full coverage foundation, I would class it as medium coverage and the serum as low coverage. For me it’s just not enough on a daily basis and it for sure wouldn’t be for night time… But I did love the finish of it, and with the right concealer/powder combo you can make this work if your’e like me and prefer more coverage. It does have similar problems to the serum foundation though, it oxidises slightly and if you get in any way oily you need to prevent that with primer and setting spray.

IMG_20170820_223050_830Over all I would use both of these over time, it wouldn’t be what I would gravitate towards on a daily basis but the finish is really nice and they both don’t have a foundation look to them on the skin which I love, they are so easy to blend and they last a decent length of time on the skin. Both Formulas have SPF 15 Protection which is helpful but I try use more of an SPF most days. I’d check them out if you’re looking for an affordable foundation and they’re vegan and cruelty free, which is a win win.

Anyone else tried this or have any tips to make it look even better?

Back soon,

Sinead 🙂 xxx

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