Makeup Revolution – Retro Luxe Matte Lip KIt

HI all,

So I got a DM recently about these lip kits, asking “did I have any?” and “were they good?” I have actually had 2 of these for about 4 months so I have tried them a number of times and have a solid opinion on them.

So I have had this in 2 shades Echelon and Grandee. I’ve actually got rid of my Echelon shade about a month ago so I won’t have swatches of that but I still have my Grandee kept for the purpose of this blog. But don’t panic just yet because I’ll explain my thoughts, they definitely might be worth it for you!

Liquid lipstick:

So these kits come in 8 different shades, you’d for sure find a shade that you like. The liquid lipstick goes on lovely, the 2 shades I’ve tried are really opaque and don’t go on patchy at all, just keep in mind darker colours are more likely to do this. The liquid dries down fairly quickly but remains ever so slightly tacky, which I don’t like but I know a lot of people like that. Both colour looked nice on me but it was the drying that I just couldn’t deal with, I know most liquid lipsticks are a bit drying but this was too much for me I wanted to scrub it off after 5 minutes. I did leave it on a few times and it wears quite well, it does break down at the centre of your mouth first as usual but lasts a really long time. also if you use the liner with these they last even longer and look even better. To be honest I just won’t wear them because they’re just too drying for me but that is personal preference because a friend of mine loves them and wears them quite often so its up to you.Β IMG_20170816_170425_938

Lip Liner:

So now the lip liner. the lip liner is a pretty standard looking liner. The 2 that I got as part of the lip kits match the lipstick really well and they definitely make the liquid lipsticks look even better. I actually really enjoy these liners, I did keep my Echelon one when I got rid of the liquid lipstick because they glide on really nicely and last a really long time with liquid lipstick or an ordinary lipstick, I use my Echelon shade with quite a few brown?nude colours I wear and it looks great. These are definitely the winner for me out of the kit, they are good quality for the price and they are versatile.

IMG_20170816_165652_131So as always it’s down to personal preference, they aren’t the best liquid lipsticks or liners I’ve tried but fairly decent, especially for the price, the kits cost between 8 and 9 Euro, I only like the liner so I probably wouldn’t buy the kit just for the liner. But as I’ve said I have a friend who loves the liquid lipsticks so if you are good with a drying formula or don’t seem to have issues with that they they’d definitely be a good buy for you and there is a nice mix of shades.


I’ll be back in the next couple of days with another post. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to review. Hope everyone is having a brilliant week!

Sinead xxx



  1. I love the box of it ☺️ How much does it cost?
    Beauty On A Budget

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    1. I think i put the price in somewhere there, maybe I forgot haha, I know I paid 8.16 Euro each for mine, but I think i’ve seen them around for about 9 euro aswell, so definitely a bargain!!! πŸ™‚ xxx

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  2. Really need to get my hands on some of these, they look amazing!

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    1. Some of the colours are gorgeous!! πŸ™‚ x

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  3. Jade Mayhead

    Ive got the ECHELON one and want more, I really like these xo

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    1. Oooh nice! yeah I do use me Echelon liner quite a bit tbh! I love the look of it on but just a bit dry for me…but i’ve still worn it multiple times so… beauty is pain right? or in this case mildly uncomfortable hehe xxx

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      1. Jade Mayhead

        Yes for sure! I always put a lip primer on underneath, and that helps out loads with the dryness of it! Try that maybe?! I just use the MUA one, its so good!xo

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      2. oh yeah thats the only way I can wear them, I think i just have crazy dry lips… Ill try the MUA one with this cause I don’t think I’ve used that combo… might just do the trick! Cause I love the colours xx

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      3. Jade Mayhead

        I have really dry lips aswell! Using the primer underneath definitely helped me with it, it made the liner go on a little weird, but the liquid lipstick goes on so much nice with a primer underneath! I hope you try it, and it works for you xo

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      4. I’ve tried other primers with this one, but ill try that one, I have it here! thanks a mill πŸ™‚ xx

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