Pale Skin – Affordable Contour

Hi All,

As an Irish girl and having Albinism you can imagine I am super pale but the good news is I do embrace my paleness most of the time, I do on accasion use false tan, but that’s a different blog post, but I have found some brilliant products that work for the pale skinned beauties.

Contouring is difficult at the best of times but being quite pale makes it a little harder to find the perfect shade to contour with. Generally speaking a cool toned shade is best but to be honest it is all down to personal preference. I do usually pick a cooler toned powder to contour with. I am going to go through the few I use the most and are affordable.IMG_20170630_154754_644

NYX Blusher – Taupe:

This is a cult fave, it has been raved about on youtube and by pale skinned bloggers for years, and there is a reason why, it is cool toned and when applied it really gives the illusion of a shadow on the face. I find the best way to apply this is with a real haired brush, it is extremely pigmented and I find with a synthetic brush it packs on way too much product, but what ever brush your comfortable with is perfect just try build it up a tiny bit at a time so you don’t end up with WAAAAY too much on… believe me it’s happened to me before and its not a good look…IMG_20170630_154859_206

Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist Refills – Shade 03 and 04:

This is one I haven’t heart too much about if I’m honest and I do tend to stalk pale people makeup blogs. This is basically a freedom system, you buy a magnetic palette, any will do it doesn’t have to be this brand, and then Freedom have small pans of, highlighters, blushers, eye shadows and contour powders. Contour shade 03 is perfect on me when I am SUPER pale and isn’t extremely cool toned but just seems to work so well on me, shade 04 is slightly darker, I tend to add maybe a dab of that here or there or use this when I am not at my palest. These blend super well and look so nice on the skin, I wasn’t expecting much from these as they are SO cheap but they are probably what I use most on a daily basis. IMG_20170630_154634_270

Catrice – Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette – 010 Ashey Radiance:

So this is a lovely contour and highlight palette. I don’t use the highlight a lot because I find its just a bit too subtle but I do put a light dusting on at times even if its under another highlighter. As for the contour shade, its gorgeous, it blends so pretty on the skin and it isn’t over pigmented which I like because it’s great for every day. I do find out of the three products I’ve mentioned this lasts for the shortest amount of time on my face. I pack it on a little heavier then I initially want and use a setting spray but I find it still lasts a little less well, but for every day use this doesn’t bother me at all I don’t mind a quick touch up at lunch if needs be.

I really hope this has helped a couple of people, I feel like the NYX is well known but the others maybe a little lesser know for my SUPER pale people out there.

Please let me know if you’ve discovered anything that is a little lesser known that I could try?

Back soon,

Sinead 🙂 xxx


  1. This actually has been really helpful because as I’m a pale Irish too, I find it difficult enough to find a nice contour shade. Will definitely check these out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh yay I’m delighted! It is tough, and these are all do affordable! I’d love to hear how you get on with them if you try! Thanks 🙂


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