Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Setting Spray – Yay or Nay?

HI all,

back again today with a quick enough review! I have been trying the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Setting Spray for the last few weeks. I had heard a lot about it over the last while and I do love a setting spray when I finish my face but I am a high end setting spray lover, there are a couple that I use constantly but on a daily basis I was looking for something a little more affordable and I heard some good things and since it is so affordable I thought I’d give it a whirl. I have combination skin so I went for the Oil Control version but there is a basic version that isn’t for oily skin, it is geared towards all skin types.

First Impressions:

I have liked a good few Makeup Revolution products over the years so I had a pretty open m but ind. So the first time I tried this, I did my makeup as normal and used this setting spray when I was finished I spritzed this. I found it had a bit of a chemical-like smell but not overpowering and you could tell it was a little cheaper with the inconsistency of the spray. It had a slightly tacky feel until it fully dried after a minute or so, but I thought that it would definitely seal my makeup because of this.IMG_20170716_124244_643

6 Weeks Later:

I’ve been using this consistently when doing my makeup day to day and I have been LOVING it. i really wasn’t sure it was going to be as good as I’d heard and after I first put it on I was a bit sceptical due to the smell and the way it sprayed, I have mastered the best way for this to work for me… I basically do my full face of makeup and then I’m reading for setting spray, I usually spray this once not on my face because I found the first spray after it was sitting around was a little too direct instead of spritzing, so after that I just spray this on my face from a bit of a distance until my entire face is coated, then I grab something to fan my face, something like a magazine that has a bit of weight in it works best so there is as much breeze as possible. This really makes my makeup last longer and stay looking as put together as it was when I first applied it… as for oil control I don’t know if it makes THAT much of a difference but I do find it fends off oil for a little bit longer but not altogether, but some days it has really reduced oil quite a bit so I think it probably depends on your skin on any given day.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone, it is SOO affordable for a really good product especially for a day to day setting spray, I did play around with it a bit to make it  work the best it could for me, so give it a go and see… also, let me know how you get on as well, I’d love to hear.


Back soon,

Sinead 🙂 xx


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