Tanya Burr Contour Stick and Illuminating Powder Review

Hi All,

So I’m guessing you all know Tanya Burr and her cosmetic line, but if not, she is a fabulous youtuber who has her own make up brand. Tanya recently released a summer collection “Chasing the Sun” it has 2 shades of a contour stick and 3 shades of illuminating powder and finally 3 tinted lip balms.

Now what I chose to test out was the contour stick in the shade light, which is for light to medium skin tones, and I picked the 2 illuminating powders that would suit me which were in the shades Champagne and Peonies, I chose not to get a lip balm as I just never use them as something to complete a look.

I ordered this from Feel Unique as they didn’t have it in my local Superdrug, there was a problem as soon as I opened it, the contour stick had melted on the bottom where it attached to the packaging, so it had stuck to the lid, I managed to fix it so it was usable but maybe something to note, I think it was the warm weather in transit that melted it and caused the issue. The packaging is beautiful to look at, I think its my favourite collection look wise that she has brought out, it matches her lipsticks beautifully.

Contour stick:

IMG_20170712_181506_977I’ve tried this a few times to get a real idea of how it preforms. Just to note I always try new products with stuff I use all the time, so I would do my normal routine and add he product in or replace an old product with it etc. This is a gorgeous contour stick, I am not a fan of cream contour at all, I generally use powder, its just a personal preference, but this is lovely. I drew it on under my cheek bones, along my jaw line and on my forehead, and blended it in. I have tried it with a brush and a beauty sponge, IMG_20170713_131959_983I definitely prefer the beauty sponge it just blends amazingly well and looks flawless in seconds. I do find cream contour goes a little further down your face then powder sometimes so I may just tidy it a little with a little extra foundation before setting my face. I am EXTREMELY fair, like MAC NC10 is too dark kind of fair, and although this contour shade is a bit warmer then I would generally use it still looks lovely on the skin, it for me would be something I would do for a more natural contour/bronzed look but it is quite buildable as well, I have tried this too. So basically for the price I would give this a shot if you like cream contour this would be a great every day option and cream is lovely for summer, I just love the bronzey look, even when you’re fair you can achieve that look, and I think this would be a good product for it.

Illuminating Powders:IMG_20170713_125917_257

So when I received these as I said I do like the packaging, but my initial thought was neither of them would work, then I did a finger swatch of each and I was even more sceptical but I tried them on my face anyways. I was pleasantly surprised, when I swatched them both they felt a little chunky or hard, but it was a complete different story with a brush thankfully, The illuminating powder in Peonies is not a highlighter shade for me, I am too pale, but I seen Tanya use it as a blush so I tried it as a blush and blush topper. My fave way to wear this is as a blush topper, I put on a matte blush in a similar shade and then with a light hand add this on top and it is GORGEOUS,IT, the shade is so nice and I think it would suit so many skin tones, and on a day to day basis this would be lovely if you want to ditch the highlighter… I wouldn’t but that’s me being a highlighter addict… So then the Champagne shade, I thought this was going to be way too dark even though it’s the lightest shade, but I am happy to say I was wrong, it is so so pretty, it works so well on my fair skin and paired with the other one as a blush topper it is SOO glowy! I thought these weren’t going to have that much of a sheen and glow but they are! Spritz some setting spray on after and it all melds into the skin impeccably. I also use both of these as eye shadow, on their own or as part of a look and they are so pretty and easy to wear.

That’s my view on these new products, as you all know it is down to personal preference, but I do hope this helped some of you. Also I would like to note I feel like Tnaya Burr Cosmetics is kind of geared towards a younger audience, but don’t let that put you off there are some great quality products from this brand. if anyone would like me to review anything in particular let me know, I LOVE reviewing new products and rediscovering old things I’ve hoarded 😉



Back soon,

Sinead 🙂 xx




  1. I loove Tanya’s approach to makeup, she’s all about that dewy natural glow and I’ve been wanting those illuminating powders for so long now! The contour stick looks pretty good – would it be cool toned enough for medium skin tones? xx

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    1. Hiiiii, I know she’s a great approach to beauty!! I would defenitely try the illuminating powders I find them sooo good, if you’re medium skin tone I’d say the darkest one would be amazing on you, but the lighter of the neutral shades would work aswell! I only have the light contour stick, and that works on my skin tone but I’m very fair, I’d say if you’re medium you could try the darker contour stick, I think she used it in her vlog where she introduced that collection, that might give you an idea.. I do find her light contour stick a bit warmer then I usually wear but perfect for every day and I set it with a cooler powder so it works!!! 🙂 xxx

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