Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Hi All,

so most of us have hard of Glamglow face masks, they are relatively new to Ireland and the UK, they were only made available last year in Boots etc, I’d been using them a little longer as I’d got my hands on them in America. The Glamglow Supermud is the one I get the most questions on.

IMG_20170630_165941_859The Supermud is meant to be a Clearing mask, it is meant to clear out all the pores and leave you with clear and closed pores and is also recommended as a spot treatment.

This is not one of my favourite face masks at all, but I do still use it regularly enough. I have found a few more reasonably priced masks that do a better job. This is a black thick mask but it is lovely going on the skin, it smells a little like licorice and tingles the skin slightly which I find quite refreshing. It is good as a top up mask if I’ve cleared my pores a few days previous this keeps them clear but I don’t find it enough for a deep clean.


I do love this as a spot treatment, if I am starting to get a spot I will put this on it a few times a day for 10 minutes or so and a lot of the time it does work to clear it before it gets bad, if the spot appears quick and aggressively I do find this still does a good job at clearing it slightly but it’s less effective.

it is 45 Euro for a 50g pot and I don’t think I would pay this for it again, it has it’s uses but I do think there are more affordable options out there,

I enjoy the Loreal Clay masks that are a quarter of the price and you can always get them on offer, I use all 3 and love them. So for me this isn’t worth the money.

I am obsessed with face masks so if anyone has any requests on what you’d like me to review I can do my best to do that soon.

Back soon,

Sinead xx

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