Makeup Revolution Skin KIss – Higlighter

Hi All,

So like most of you makeup lovers, I absolutely love a good highlighter and finding brilliant affordable highlighters is something I am all for.

I am extremely pale, most of the palest shades of foundation are still too dark, drugstore and high end, that will give you an idea of how fair my skin is, so finding make up products is hard for my colouring.

Highlighters can be difficult to find pale enough although its not as hard as some other products, but me being makeup obsessed for years, I always find products that work for me.

IMG_20170630_144208_959This is the Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss highlighter in the lightest shade Ice Kiss. I originally saw this on the Tam Beauty website when it had just launched and saw it was the palest shade so I thought I’d give it a try.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by its size, it is a huge pan of highlighter, which suits me, I am guilty of going a bit OTT with the highlighter at times… I swatched it on my hand and although a lovely shade for my skin, I wasn’t overly impressed.It felt a little chunky to me and the glow was what I would call medium, it wasn’t subtle but wasn’t blinding either, which isn’t a bad thing, it means you can build it to what you want.

I always try products at least 5 times before giving any sort of opinion but I have worn this most days for nearly 6 weeks now, so I feel I really have a good grasp on it.

My verdict:

I have found, after the top layer is dusted off the highlighter gets way more intense, so after a few uses I found it was looking more blinding, which I was happy about, it means you use less product. When wearing this with my palest makeup looks it complimented it perfectly, so I think this would be great for anyone with fair to medium skin tones, and there are two other shades that I have swatched and they would be gorgeous on medium to dark skin, but are a little too dark for me, although they are beautiful. This is an affordable product aswell, at only 7 Euro, it is a steal.

IMG_20170626_184542_534Also application is important with this highlighter, I found using a fan brush created the best highlight… When I used a more precise or dense brush it just looked too faint and a bit chalky on the skin, a fan brush didn’t emphasise texture at all and made it look like it was melted into the skin.


After applying any highlight spritz some setting spray or face mist over your skin, this is great for anyone who uses a lot of powder products or bakes, but for highlighter I love how it makes it soak into the skin and look so “natural” on the skin…. Also if you’re looking to blind people with that highlight spritz your brush and then put on your highlighter on as normal and see the glow POP!


Back soon,

Sinead xx


  1. Loved reading your review! I’ve heard amazing things about this highlight and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Love your blog! xx

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    1. HI, so sorry for late reply, I was away!! Thanks so much, its really pretty on! Thats so nice of you to say, few more things coming this week and if there’s ever anything you’re wanting a review on, let me know!! đŸ™‚ xx

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