Spring Faves

Hi All, 

So it’s apparently spring now, as any of you from Ireland and the UK know, this means there is a fair mix of weather, it can be beautiful and bright, usually relatively cold, but we can still have some of those dull wintery days.

Once those sunny days begin I always feel like i can start integrating a bit more colour into my wardrobe and makeup routine etc.. And it makes me so happy. I hate dull colours they don’t suit my pale complexion very well and by the end of winter they are frankly just depressing, but that’s just me…



First up is the Laura Mercier Protect Primer, I use this all year round as I am so pale, but for many of you using a primer with an SPF is something you start using once the sun shows up again, but I would recommend protecting you skin if you are going to be outside at all. This does a great job at protecting me and keeping my make up on longer throughout the day even if I’m running around a lot. 


Next us the Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate, this is a great product, i use the lighter one which is 002 which would be for fair to light skin tone, and the 003 would be for medium to darker skin tones. it has 3 pans in the palette one is a bronzer which is gorgeous, its subtle but warms the face up just enough and the blusher is a beautiful peach shade, it is subtle but compliments the bronzer perfectly. Then the third and lightest pan is a highlighter, this is lovely for a healthy glow to the cheeks and for a subtle contour and highlighted look, but its good to note its not a blinding highlight so if you like that look, you might need to mix it. Overall this palette is great for on the go and is just lovely for warming and brightening up the skin for spring.

IMG_20170321_153650_472Next is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. This is stunning, I was sceptical at first because it blew up all over the internet but I was not disappointed when I got this, yes there is some fall out, but the formula is amazing and the colours are just perfect, I have done so many different looks with this and it is definitely one for spring and summer but I would happily use it all year round as well.


My next fave is something quite random, but I love candles in the evening they really help me relax and unwind, actually Id light them for morning if I’ll be in for the day, and I prefer them to be scented, but that can become costly over time, so instead I use the Yankee Wax Melts in one of their warmers. I usually break off a piece of the wax melt and leave it in the warmer for a couple days of use and then I use unscented candles around the place for the atmosphere. Each season requires new scent, I recently bough far too many but for this time of year I love the Lemon and Lavender and the Cherry Blossom, both just fill up a room with that spring scent and make me happy and relaxed. 


I never leave my house without some lipstick on, it has been a staple in my make up routine even before lipstick became popular again after the lip gloss trend from years ago… I have loads of favourites for spring, but one I keep in my handbag is Captive by MAC Cosmetics. This is a satin finish which is beautiful and lasts throughout the day, I think the colour is described as a cool plum, I find it is the perfect colour on so many skin tones, and brilliant for transitioning from winter to spring and you can sheer it out by just dabbing it on with a bit of lip balm and it looks just as good.

IMG_20170321_153007_041I also don’t leave my house without a pair of sunglasses either on me or in my bag, and once spring hits I need to grab a couple new pairs. A recent find that I am obsessed with are the Del Coco round mirrored glasses by ALUXE this brand is gorgeous I wand the entire range, they were designed by Rosie Connolly. The mirrored glass is so on trend and they have a gold frame with arm detail and they really do block out a lot of the sun, which from someone who is light sensitive is a great compliment.

As you see from my first picture there is a little pastel bow scrunchie, which is so cute for jazzing up a pony tail, but this is an example of little touches you can add when it comes into spring and summer; pastel, floral and embroidery, is just perfect. Everyone has their own additions for spring and these are just a few of mine. 

Love Sinead,


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